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"We are a party with a glorious past.
We are the party of the future, It is for us to ensure that it holds out hope for each and every Indian. That is our calling and our obligation.
Let the message go forth from this Plenary that the Congress is aware of its strengths, conscious of its responsibilities.
Together we will build on our strengths.
Together we will honour our responsibilities.
Together we will strive our utmost to prove worthy of the trust and confidence that the people continue to repose in us."

Smt. Sonia Gandhi,  Hon'ble Congress President

"The aam aadmi in India is that person who does not have a connection to the system. Whether he is poor or rich, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, educated or uneducated, if he is not connected to the system, he is an aam aadmi.

We call him the common man but in fact he is unique.

He has immense capabilities, intelligence and strength. He builds this country every day of his life and yet our system crushes him at every step... we will never build a nation until we start recognising and respecting the common man. We will never build a nation until we build a system in which this manís progress is based not on who he knows but on what he knows. This is the challenge of our generation."

Shri Rahul Gandhi, Hon'ble General Secretary AICC

Salient Points of the speech of the Chairperson UPA at the 'Report to the People' function on the third anniversary of the second term of the UPA Govt.


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